MT4 70 TickChart Script Version


70tickchart with BollingerBand and Volume

I made a 70 tick chart of the script version. (see. our Indicator version 70tick20ema.mqh)
Since the original include file is partially modified, it is necessary to replace these files; “Files/FileBin.mqh, Files/File.mqh”.
‘BV’s 1pip unit display’ is made possible. Spread cancellation is also implemented.
In this script, Struct MqlRate including ‘spread’ is filled with 0, and ‘real_volume’ is used for recording ‘tick interval(seconds).
I recommend a 5-minute chart to attach as a source of this script. Since data interpolation is performed, the deviation from the actual chart becomes large when the time frame is longer than that.

1 Attach this script to an M5 or M1 online chart.
2 Open offline history file from the menu(file-offline chart- see ‘T’suffix file).
3 If the offline chart was not changed automatically, attach this script to the previous online chart again.
4 Attach any indicator you like to offline chart.

::: Recommended Indicators to be used with the offline chart:::
“Volume” indicator will be recommended so that helps you see the tick completion displayed in red turn to green at a glance.
To display 20 EMA, the indicator “Moving Average” or “Bollinger Bands” should be used.

:::In development:::
It seems that it is possible to substitute existing on the range indication etc. which had been created with the indicator version. An Independent indicator for supporting BobVolman’s method is under development.

ver1.02 Tick and Bars Speed displayable.
DOWNLOAD LINK Here TickConverter1.02

70tickchart 1pip (round up price)